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Core Metal Products

Ferrous product Line
  • HMS, P&S, Shredded Steel, Cast Iron, Cast Iron Borings, Steel Turnings, Manganese Scrap
  • Usable Product Line: Re-Rollable Plates,Carbon Steel Pipes, Steel Plates
Non-Ferrous Product Line
  • Stainless Steel Solids and Turnings Scrap: 201, 301, 304, 304L, 309, 310, 316, 409, 410, 430, 434, 436, 2205, 2507
  • Usable product Line : Stainless Steel Coils, Plates, Sheets, Bars, Pipes, Wires
  • Nickel / Chrome / Molybdenum Alloy Scrap: Inconels, Monels, Hastelloys and other alloy grades
  • Aluminum Scrap: Old Sheet, Auto Castings, Engine Blocks, Extrusions, Litho Sheets, Zorba
  • Copper Containing Scrap: Electric Motors, Sealed Units, Insulated Wires
  • Lead Batteries
  • Zinc Die Casts
  • Tin Plate
  • Brass
  • Tool Steel

RM Creations: Plastics Division

We are AQSIQ licensed ship out to mainland China.

We also ship directly to Far East countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Bangladesh.

We also cater to USA Domestic Recyclers, Compounders and Extruders.

  • Plastic scrap categorized into industrial, commercial, and consumer plant waste paring in sheet, regrind, roll, film, and other forms.
  • LDPE: film, sheets, rolls, non-prime pellets, floor-plants sweepings, and purge.
  • HDPE: film, sheets, rolls (fractional melt, blow grade, injection grade scrap).
  • PET: off grade PTA, preform, bottles, rolls, sheets, purge.
  • PP: film, sheets, rolls, non-prime pellets, floor-plants sweepings, purge, hangers, crate regrinds.
  • ABS, PS, EPS, HIPS: refrigerators, electronic instruments cover bodies, and hangers.
  • PVC: extrusion, soft, injection grade.
  • Agricultural plastic: black mulch film, drip tape baled fumigation film.Reprocessed agglomerates and clean washed black film baled.
  • PA Nylon: stock lot of filament yarn, stock lot from automotive industry,film baled, rolls, etc.
  • Polycarbonate: pc scrap, offgrade, CD DVD, sheets, bottles, etc.
  • PMMA scrap (Acrylic): offgrade, sheets, sheet cuttings and trimmings, injection grade scrap, extrusion, cast grade scrap.